Rosella Street for Councils

Rosella Street helps councils to bring their communities together to reduce waste and improve community connection

Rosella Street is an online hub where people can safely connect together to get what they need.

  • Buy & Sell
  • Rent
  • Giveaways
  • Swaps

Rosella Street Groups for Councils


Join other Councils who are:

  • Improving social outcomes by empowering and connecting communities to create circular economy groups to rent, swap, share, giveaway and buy & sell second hand items.
  • Starting community sharing groups or tool libraries, or incorporating Rosella Street into Living Smart programs.

Stimulate the Green Economy

  • Stimulate economic activity by providing a secure, environmentally driven platform for residents to launch community based businesses
  • Advance your goals of reduced waste and CO2 emissions and better use of resources by creating a 'Reuse Hub' on Rosella Street

Host Virtual Events

Delight your communities with virtual events hosted through Rosella Street Groups to increase visibility and engagement (e.g a clothes swapping event, or community garage sale)

Join other councils that are paving the way to a more sustainable future 

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Why Rosella Street?



Good for the Planet

Measure the impacts of your efforts through reports on reduced waste to landfill from your Rosella Street group.




Tree Planting Project

Rosella Street helps your council to offset its CO2 emissions through its indigenous tree planting project.



Connect Community

Join the community of conscious consumers who are redefining ownership, strengthening communities & reducing COemissions

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