Start a Circular Economy Group at your School

Rosella Street helps build a collaborative school community, and inspires students to cultivate environmental responsibility as well as embed sustainability within the community.

Rosella Street Groups for Schools


Australia’s Safest Marketplace

  • A member only group for your school community to safely buy, swap, share and giveaway items
  • All users are ID verified, and all transactions go through a secure payment system - so no scams, no crime, just a safe connected community  

Raise Funds

Run events to support the school community and raise money for the P&C including online raffles, clothing swaps, garage sales, and virtual fundraising bazaars.

Build a Stronger School Community

Help your school community to band together to get what they need in a fun, environmentally friendly way, from sporting equipment and instruments, to toys and uniforms. You can even start a book, or toy library!

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Why Rosella Street?

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Inspire our Children

Provide an inspirational example to our children by showing them we can get what we need in a fun, environmentally friendly way. 




Positive Impact

Show the impacts of your efforts through reports on reduced waste to landfill and reduced CO2 emissions from your Rosella Street group. 


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Make Friends

Empower children to start a group for sharing their hobbies, resources, knowledge, compassion and talents with one to another. 

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