Start a Circular Economy Group at your University

Rosella Street Groups for unis allows students to safely rent items between them; swap and share things; giveaway and buy & sell pre-loved items

Rosella Street Groups for Universities


Australia’s Safest Marketplace

  • A member only group for your university to safely buy, swap, share and giveaway items
  • All users are ID verified, and all transactions go through a secure payment system - so no scams, no crime, just a safe connected community 



Impact Reports

The more you use Rosella Street, the more you're helping the planet. Track your progress to offsetting your existence.


Increase Student Connection

Help students band together to make better use of what they have.

Join other universities that are paving the way to a more sustainable future 

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Why students said they prefer Rosella Street

"I like a platform to help preserve the planet for our children and future generations"

"I love thrifting, it lessens the impact on the world significantly and creates such a nice community"

"I love the idea of reducing waste and turning my unwanted items to someone else's treasure"

Why Rosella Street?



Good for the Planet

Every time you buy or sell on Rosella Street, we donate $1 to high impact community and environmental projects




Tree Planting Project

Rosella Street supports an indigenous bushfood planting project that reduces CO, provides nutrition, supports passing on knowledge and helps build a happy and healthy community 



Connect Community

Join the community of conscious consumers who are redefining  ownership, strengthening communities   & reducing COemissions

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